What is Directional Non-Force Technique?

Directional Non-Force Technique is the original low force chiropractic technique first discovered in 1923 by Dr. Richard Van Rumpt, DC.  D.N.F.T. utilizes a reflex to determine where subluxations might be. (A subluxation is anything that is misaligned and causing nerve interference.)  We analyze each vertebra in all twelve possible directions and the adjustment is administered, using a gentle thumb thrust, in exactly the direction that you body needs it at the time.

What conditions benefit from D.N.F.T. chiropractic care?

D.N.F.T. can help anything, unfortunately it won’t help everything.  Five patients with the same problem may have five different causes to that problem.  If subluxations are contributing to your problem, D.N.F.T. can help it.  Even with problems that are not directly caused by a subluxation, correcting them can relieve enough stress on your system that your body will be better able to deal with anything.

We have seen menstrual problems corrected by the next cycle, sever headaches disappear permanently, vision improve, diabetics reduce their insulin as well as relief for all types of aches and pains.  In short we have grown to expect miracles.

How does D.N.F.T. work?

Using the reflex where the patient’s leg lengths shift we challenge structures to find which directions they have been misaligned.  If there is a problem, when we challenge, then the reflex will be present.  If there is no problem there will not be a reflex. By checking all twelve possible directions of misalignment we have more information to adjust with than with other techniques.

Each vertebra is then moved back to where the body needs it to be, using a gentle thumb thrust.  To insure that the vertebra stays in place we also check and adjust the soft tissue that holds it in position.  These include the muscles, ligaments and discs.

With an adjustment that is this specific when something is adjusted it tends to stay in place and there is no need to repeat the same adjustment three times a week like with other techniques.

Is DNFT safe?

D.N.F.T. adjustments are so safe that it is the technique of choice for patients from birth to old age.  We do not use the high pressure adjustments seen in most techniques and we avoid the high levels of torque on the spine often seen with other adjustments.

Do I need to have x-rays taken?

Unlike with other techniques with D.N.F.T. there is not a need to take x-rays of every patient who comes into the practice.  The D.N.F.T. analysis usually provides the doctor with sufficient information to help the patient without using x-rays.  If you do have x-rays already the doctor will be glad to discuss them with you so that you can fully understand what they show.

There are times where there is a need to take x-rays or to do additional testing.  This is to rule out the need for medical interventions such as in the case of a fracture or as in personal injury cases where your attorney may need to have some documentation of the extent of your injuries.

I prefer a doctor with experience.  How long have you been in practice?

I graduated with honors from Life Chiropractic College West in June, 1988 and was in private practice three days later.  I was fortunate enough while in school to have studied D.N.F.T. with Dr. Van Rumpt and I did so from 1983 until his death in 1987.

While still in chiropractic school I was an intern supervisor in the college’s public clinic where I was responsible for helping interns develop their doctor patient skills and with managing patient care.

I have continued to study the technique and have done considerable clinical research that has led to discoveries that have improved the adjustments in all areas of the body.  Today my research findings are taught as part of the technique in seminars around the world.

More Questions?

If you have any other questions get them answered right away.  You can call 480-664-6644 or send an email to drbillgallagher@yahoo.com.