About DNFT

happy faceDirectional Non-Force Technique is the original low force chiropractic technique on which all the others are based. 

It was discovered in 1923 by Dr. Richard Van Rumpt, DC and Dr. Gallagher was fortunate to have been among the last to study with him until his death in 1987.

Unlike other techniques there is no popping and cracking usually associated with chiropractic. DNFT is very gentle, specific and usually very, very effective.  The work is so detailed that we not only consider which vertebra is out of place and causing problems but we can also address the muscles, ligaments and discs that hold them in place.

Also unlike other techniques DNFT usually involves fewer visits so you don’t need to come in three times a week for months at a time.

Because it is so gentle DNFT is the technique of choice from birth to old age. 

To find out how much better you can feel call us at 480-664-6644 or send an email to drbillgallagher@yahoo.com.

To download a brochure about DNFT click here.